Enchanted by Antiquity in Duchcov

In June 2016 the brand new long-term exposition was opened in co-operation with the National Heritage Institute in the space of the former Wallenstein museum and theatre in Chateau Dux.

The exposition is aimed not only at the history of ancient Greek sculpture, but also presents the ancient mythology as a source of inspiration for the artists from the Renaissance on. With regard to the baroque chȃteau of the Wallenstein family, the installation is also closely linked to the aristocratic environment, the baroque theatre, the history of collecting and the aristocratic traditions of travelling south to Italy and Greece (on so called Grand Tours) and it also shows some original travel equipment and historical souvenirs and photographs.

The same mythological themes are echoed in other parts of the chateau, especially the picture gallery and the chateau gardens full of paintings and baroque sculptures with classical themes.

The highlights of the exposition are the figural composition from the pediment of the late archaic Aphaea temple on the island of Aegina including the coloured cast of an archer (the so called Paris) and the unique reconstructions of two baroque theatre costumes for the Goddess Athena and the Ancient Hero and copies of the original baroque theatrical properties for Mercury and Amor.

The impression is raised by the large reproductions of the historical drawings of the ancient sites and famous mythological paintings, as well as by the background music. All the rooms and all the exhibits are completed with information and annotations in Czech and English. It is also possible to arrange a specialised guided tour, temporary thematic exhibitions are on every year.

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